Building Experiences that Last a Lifetime

There is a definitive shift happening in society, and we LOVE it. We are moving away from the idea of “stuff” and toward experiences, activities, and building skills outside of the home. Many families are realizing the extraordinary improvement in their relationships by spending less money on “things” and more on time for each other.

makes this happen


We have options across the board; from yoga to cooking, sports to art, dancing to movie nights, we’ve curated the lists just for you!


Easily put together the perfect schedule for you and your kids with our hassle-free booking.


Gain peace of mind knowing that your kids are getting the best experience.

We simplify parenting

We at RESO have a core goal: enhance the lives of children. We believe that great experiences make for great human beings. We are here for those who create rich and engaging kids’ activities and the parents who seek them.

As parents and professionals, we describe ourselves the same way you do: Time-starved, busy, and thankful for the digital tools that make our lives easier. We use Instacart to help us with grocery shopping and last-minute snacks for the field trip. Doordash to help us when we don’t have time to prepare dinner after a busy day. Venmo to help us pay our babysitters without searching for the check book.

But when it comes to finding and enrolling our kids in a dance class or summer camp, we’re back to word-of-mouth recommendations and ATM visits to have cash on hand. Our founder Suzanne (a local mom of 3) started RESO to bring the technological convenience of the digital age to kids’ activities. We are the one-stop shop for parents. We take the stress out of finding the best experiences for your kids. We are RESO.