Frequently Asked Questions


Is my purchase secure?

All payments are powered by Stripe, who offers best-in-class security tools and data protection practices.  Stripe has achieved the most stringent level of certification by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

How much does RESO cost?

Nothing!  There are no fees for parents.  You only pay for the activities you sign up for.

Is there a discount for booking multiple kids?

Many of our providers offer a sibling discount for their activities.  Please see the activity page for further details.

I can’t make up my mind!  How do I choose between your different activities?

We are working on a tool to help you with customized recommendations for your child.  Please check back soon!

When will I know if my child is off the waitlist for a camp or class?

You will be notified by email as soon as a spot opens up and your child has been enrolled.  

How do I remove my child from the waitlist?

You may cancel your purchase for a refund at any time while on the waitlist.

Can someone else drop off or pick up my child?

Contact the activity provider directly for pick up authorization. Need help finding the right contact? Email at support @ reso . io.

Why doesn’t my promo code work?

A bug has probably crawled into our server!  Please let us know at support @ reso . io so we can squash it!

It’s been more than 48hrs and I’ve changed my mind!  Can I still cancel?

Our providers are understanding people and many are parents themselves.  Please contact them to ask about their cancellation, rescheduling, or refund policy.  Need help finding the right contact? Email at support @ reso . io.

Will my information be shared with anyone without my permission?

Never!  As fellow parents, we are just as concerned as you about privacy and follow stringent data protection policies.  We will never share any of your profile information without your explicit consent.  Having trouble sleeping?  Click here for our full privacy policy.  If you have any questions please email us at support @ reso . io.

I love you!  Where can I find you in person to give you a hug?

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