Are you in the business of enhancing children’s lives?  Learn how we can help you!

Why should I work with you?

RESO helps providers get back to what they do best – enhance children’s lives.  We provide you with an efficient back-end system for camp and class publishing, customer registration, and immediate payment processing with stringent data protection standards.  Come meet us in person!  We would love to get to know you better (lunch is on us!)

How will RESO help me grow my business?

With 20yrs of digital marketing experience, our promise is to bring the customer to you so you can focus on producing rich and engaging kids’ activities instead of marketing.  We are experts at SEO, content marking, and social media marketing, which we use to bring organic traffic to you.  Follow us on facebook and instagram to get engaged.

How much does RESO cost?

RESO is always free to try with no monthly fee.  For revenue which you receive through RESO bookings, the cost is a 3% credit card processing fee on all transactions + 6% for new customers which we bring to you.

How do you distinguish between new and repeat customers?

A new customer is one that we send to you via inbound marketing and SEO.  We will provide you with a checkout widget to place on your own website for repeat customers to check out with.

How and when do I get paid?

Immediately via direct deposit to your bank account.  The first time that a customer purchases an activity from you, you will receive an email to securely enter your deposit info to receive payment.  Every subsequent transaction will then be automatically deposited.

How is my deposit account stored?

Your deposit account is stored by Stripe on their secure servers.  Stripe offers best-in-class security tools and data protection practices.  Stripe has achieved the most stringent level of certification by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Can I offer add-ons to my activity such as before and after care or lunch for an additional price?

You will have the option to include add-on purchases when creating a new activity for the first time.  Or you can easily input add-ons into our automated inventory load tool.

I want to offer a less stringent cancellation policy.  How do I do this?

Our default cancellation policy is 48hrs.  If you would like to offer a more lenient cancellation policy, please list this in your event information.  We will work with applicable customers who wish to cancel beyond our terms.

How do I create an activity?

From your administrative dashboard, click on “New class or camp” in the upper right hand corner.

How can I edit a class or camp?

From your administrative dashboard, click on the activity which you wish to edit.  From the activity page, you can edit higher level activity information such as the description or requirements, or specific activity information such as time/date or a add-on items.

How can I update a photo?

From your administrative dashboard, click on the activity which you wish to edit.  Click edit on the activity details page to change the photo associated with that activity.  From the business profile page, click edit to change the photo associated with your merchant page.

How do I set prerequisites for a child to enroll in my camp or class?

You will have the option to set pre-requisites when creating a new activity for the first time.  Or you can easily input requirements into our automated inventory load tool.  For activities that have already been created, from the activity page you can change requirements from the section at the bottom of the page.

How can I update my banking info?

From  your administrative dashboard, go to the account settings page.  You will be able to edit your business information including bank deposit information on this page.

How do I add discounts?

From your administrative dashboard, click on the activity which you wish to edit.  From the activity page, click on “Add” to include a discount for the specific activity which you would like to add a discount for.

Can my business be featured in the RESO Newsletter?

Yes!  We regularly feature our partners with the value-added content that we generate for customers.  Contact us at hello @ reso . io.  We would love to talk about how we can feature you in our newsletters, social media, or blog updates!

How can I add the RESO booking widget to my website?

Go to the partner tools section of your administrative dashboard.  Here you will find instructions to place the RESO booking widget on your own website.

A customer contacted me for a refund. What should I do?

From your admin tools, click on the class roster and click the “remove” button next to the participant who is unable to attend your class.  Close your eyes.  Think about the last time that you had to cancel a flight and the airline forced you to pay a $250 change fee.  Remember how frustrated you felt.  Remember the expletives you used to describe the airline which you vowed to never fly again.  Now think about the parent whose day you could bring light to.  Think about that movie “Pay it Forward”.  Open your eyes.  Select the option to issue either a full, partial, or no refund.

How do I move participants from one session to another?

Prior to removing the participant from the first session, select the new session which you would like to move the participant to and select “View class roster”.  Click “add” then input the participant’s info to this new session.  Select the former session and remove the participant from the former session.