3D Animation Camp

Everything 3D! An introduction to the animated world of storytelling. The students will be challenged to collaborate in writing a story, visualizing it, and producing it through a conglomerate of animation techniques such as Stop Motion, Claymation, Set & Mechanical Props, and good old fashioned special FX tricks.
How to prepare
Cyber Garage is a Makerspace and Tech wonderland filled with advanced prototyping and woodworking machines, laser cutting, 3D printers, science, digital art, engineering, game design, virtual reality, robotics, the latest and greatest in technology and much more! With the guidance of our knowledgeable and caring teachers, your kids will be fully engaged in projects that combine technology, science and hands-on learning with playful creativity — that will set the foundation for a lifetime love of learning.
Additional Notes
At Cyber Garage, we don’t believe that kids should be hovering over a computer all day long! Our camps provide a much-needed balance of learning, building and playing with friends outdoors. At Cyber Garage, kids can explore their creativity, meet, socialize and most importantly, have FUN! Our weekly Maker camps will inspire a new generation of coders, builders, designers, artists, and engineers with hands-on building, real world and virtual learning games and activities combined with plenty of memorable, outdoor fun — like launching rockets, driving hovercrafts or racing custom built cars and robots.

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