Art and Storytelling on the Oregon Trail

Manifest destiny is calling! Children will begin by reflecting on their family life and why their families emigrated to California. They will then embark on a simulated journey west. Children will construct their own Conestoga wagons, paint a variety of scenery for their journey, and reflect on their trip by creating 2D artworks along the way. This class is designed to foster children's imagination, creativity, and decision-making skills.
drop off and pick up information
While parents are always welcomed in the studio, please note that all classes are drop-off. We understand that parents may stay a little to ease any separation anxiety, but we believe that the studio experience will be more fun for children with a greater sense of independence and interaction with their peers. Please be mindful of class and pick-up times. If an emergency is preventing you from picking-up your child on time, please notify the studio through email or phone. However, if your child remains in the studio for 20 minutes past their scheduled time, a fee of $35 will be charged.

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