Art Camp, 3-D Canvas

In this 5 day class Little Artists will explore texture in a multiple staged painting project on canvas. On day one, all artists will paint a scene of choice on 16 x 24 canvas already covered in one layer of crumpled tissue paper-Example- dirt, grass, sky flowers and trees. On day two, they will be given an array of tissue paper that they will use with glue to crumple and collage onto flower petals and trees to give their work depth and texture. Then the remaining days of class, artists will use glitter tag board, patterned tag board and other papers to create 3-D bugs, birds and animals that when glued on their wings, heads or paws will look like they’re about to flutter or jump off of the canvas. Small details will be painted through out the canvas using small brushes and colorful acrylic paints. Children are welcome to come with other ideas paint a garden, cityscape, self-portrait, underwater scene etc.
How to prepare
A 90-min supervised lunch period and recess is provided for all children at Mission Park on Valencia each day. Campers must bring their own nut free lunch and snacks.
Additional Notes
Also accepting young adult 12+ Volunteers!

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