Jr. Chef Helpers, Kids Teaching Kids

Learning how to cook for yourself is an important life skill and we make it fun! Jr. Chef Helpers is an innovative year-round program for ages 10 - 16, that combines peer mentorship and community involvement with advanced kitchen techniques, cooking classes and opportunities to work with guest chefs. Kids have a tremendous amount to offer; we want to excite our students to feel confident cooking healthy, seasonal food for their friends and family and for themselves. 

Throughout the semester, Jr. Chef Helpers will participate in a combination of food-related community events, cooking classes, urban gardening and peer mentorship opportunities. Activities will span co-teaching our Bay Leaf Roots classes, pitching in at garden/farm events and working, in small groups, to expand their cooking horizons with Guest Chefs and in San Francisco Restaurants.

Any child who fills the following criteria can be a Jr. Chef Helper:

Ages of 10-16, an interest in cooking, baking (or eating!) and would want to share their enthusiasm and teach younger kids. A Jr. Chef Helper must commit to 8-10 Cooking Classes, Roots Classes or Community Events over the course of the Semester (September 1st - December 20th). 

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