Parent and Child Chocolate Class: Chocolate Kids 201

In this comprehensive and hands-on chocolate making class, participants will gain a deeper insight of chocolate by making their own small batch of chocolate from the bean. The curriculum is tailored to engage all participants and will appeal to children curious to learn about the lifecycle of the cacao plant from farm to factory and its transformation into delicious chocolate.

The class starts with exploring the geographic origins of chocolate by introducing the stories of the farmers who grow the cacao trees and ferment the beans. Parent/guardian and child will work together to formulate their own small batch of chocolate from multiple origins and decide what percentage of chocolate they want to make. Participants will try each other’s batches of chocolate at the end of the class, compare notes, and take home 1lb of untempered chocolate perfect for snacking or baking into your favorite desserts, as well as cacao nibs. Above all, they will come away with a practical knowledge of how chocolate is made.

How to prepare
Guests aged 7-13 are welcome to attend this class with an adult. Content is the same as our adult Chocolate 201 class, but allows children to join us with other attendees their own age.
Additional Notes
Includes tour of our bean room and treat from the cafe

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