Parent and Me

The first 30 minutes are spent drawing and free painting with the finest student-grade non-toxic liquid acrylic paints on the same sheet of 22 by 30-inch museum quality thick, cotton paper.  We will save this work in progress for the next week so you can both add many layers to it every week until it looks 'complete'. The results will be something you would want to purchase in an art gallery!

Main Project for parents & 2-3-year olds: 

The 2-3-year-olds and their mom or dad will stay upstairs in the main classroom for the last hour of class to be guided by an art teacher through a fun and charming process based art lesson using a variety of the best student-grade arts and craft supplies that will be completed in one to three lessons depending on the complexity of the project. 

*Cost includes all the best student grade art and craft supplies and apron for mommy and child plus 2 makeup classes to be arranged directly with Chris Babcock Art as needed.


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