Date Night

Children ages 2.5 - 10 years old can be dropped off for 3 hours, from 5:30-8:30, so parents can enjoy some time to themselves, while their kids burn off some energy through play. We will provide dinner to the children. You are also welcome to bring dinner for your child. Please label belongings and let our staff know that your child has their own food.

5:30-6:30: Free Play
6:30-7: Dinner
7-8: Activity
8-8:30: Free Play until pick up

​Manipulative play ​

How to prepare

Socks are REQUIRED
Please bring diapers (if needed), change of clothing, medication, wipes, sippy cup, and anything your child needs.

1st week of the month: Pizza (costco combo/cheese, spinach, banana)
2nd week of the month: Macaroni&Cheese, peas, chicken meatballs, orange/clementine
3rd week of the month: Pasta with olive oil, tomatoes, chicken, apple slices
4th week of the month: spaghetti and beef meatballs, broccoli, melon
​5th week of the month: tuna sandwich, carrot sticks, berries

If your child is allergic or has a hard time eating any of the foods, please bring dinner from home for them to eat here. Notify a staff that the child has their own dinner.

Additional Notes
If we have less than 3 children 24 hours prior to the scheduled date night, we will have to cancel date night. We will notify parents around noon the day before.

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