El Zoológico/ The Zoo

The campers will be exposed to spanish through games, crafts, small-group projects and more. As they learn about the animals, their habitats, they develop new skills and connect with one another. Each day's Zoo adventures take place in spacious classrooms and a lovely outdoor area at Marin Preparatory School.
drop off and pick up information
The school opens at 9:00 and you can drop off your child off in the as early as 8:45 with a Camp teacher. Early drop off is for children who are accustomed to drop off and are not experiencing separation anxiety. Children must be picked up between 1:00-1:15pm. After a 5 minute grace period, we will assess a fee of $1 per minute that pick-up is late.
How to prepare
For many children, especially those who have never participated in a drop-off program at Talentos SF or elsewhere, parent separation can be a major issue at the outset of a new program. As a result, we recommend that parents prepare their children for class by talking about how much fun it will be for them to spend the day with their new friends and teachers! Make goodbyes quick and keep a positive demeanor, as the children can be affected by their parents’ attitudes. The more comfortable you are, the more quickly they will adjust. We suggest that you give the teacher a hug to show your child that you trust her!

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