Enchanted Forest - San Rafael

Fairies, gnomes, dragons and trolls, welcome to the Enchanted Forest. Seeking inspiration from the natural setting of the park and drawing from the limitless possibilities of their own imagination, campers will become immersed in a mystical narrative. Collaboration and critical thinking are key as campers expand the limits of their own thinking and join the magical community of the forest to accomplish a shared goal. From recovering the fairy's lost magic to rebuilding rock troll homes, the Enchanted Forest is sure to spark imagination and capture the spirit of childhood.
drop off and pick up information
Camp is held at China Camp State Park in San Rafael. Details to come in camp welcome email.
How to prepare
Be sure your camper has the following items when arriving to camp: Backpack, Healthy Lunch & Snacks (Please NO PEANUTS), Water bottle, Sunblock, Light jacket, Hat, Adventure-ready shoes, Spare clothes.

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