Everyday Engineers - Oakland

Everyday Engineers aims to engage children in the process of design thinking. Through investigation of the park environment and community, campers will seek and unveil a real-world problem they would like to solve. The team will ideate, prototype and test their solutions with intrinsic motivation and community stewardship as their driving forces. While we may not arrive at a practical answer to our problem (and that's okay!), children will internalize an innovative approach to problem-solving that can be utilized in a multitude of contexts.
drop off and pick up information
Camp is held at Lake Temescal Regional Park in Oakland. Details to come in camp welcome email.
How to prepare
Be sure your camper has the following items when arriving to camp: Backpack, Healthy Lunch & Snacks (Please NO PEANUTS), Water bottle, Sunblock, Light jacket, Hat, Adventure-ready shoes, Spare clothes.

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