Fremont Cooking Summer Camp

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Jul 23 - Jul 27
A cooking camp for kids 6 - 13 who want a "taste" of the world! Cooking Round the World is the intersection where culinary arts meet cultural education. Each camp day, we immerse a child into the experience of being in a foreign land. Campers cook, taste, smell and savor foods from other countries. We encourage them to try new foods and food combinations they've never tried before and ultimately broaden their palates. Additional camp activities include some language development, playing a children's game from the country of the day, watching a daily cooking demonstration, seeing a slide show for context, hearing an international folktale, participating in a trivia game show about the country of the day, and joining a rousing competition of the TV show "Chopped" where kids are the chefs and the adults merely guide the process.
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Camp meets at Temple Beth Torah
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Cancellation Policy: You have 1 month before the first day of registered camp week for a full refund. Cancellation two weeks prior to camp start date, half refund. Cancellation thereafter, no refund. Contact for all refunds.
Additional Notes

We are a completely nut free program. There are no nuts in any recipe. If your child has allergies beyond nuts, please call before signing up: 510-593-5285.

The Oakland camp location is vegetarian …. and delicious. Other camp locations contain a few meat dishes.

Fremont Cooking Summer Camp
6 - 13
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Jul 23 - Jul 27
9:00AM - 1:00PM 12 Half Day Camp 5 Day Camps
Jul 23 - Jul 27
9:00AM - 4:00PM 12 Full Day Camp 5 Day Camps