Soccer Trifecta

Become a multi-sport All-Star with Hi-Five’s Soccer Trifecta! This program for children 3.5 - 4.5-year-olds focuses on soccer while also giving a splash of other team sports at the end of each class. We know it’s important to keep this age group engaged so we will introduce new and skills and exciting concepts each week.

Hi-Five’s Soccer Trifecta serves as an introduction to some of the most popular sports in the world! Boys and girls will learn the fundamentals of each game through various drills and training elements designed specifically for young players. The class will teach players how to dribble and pass a soccer ball, how to carry and run with a football, how to throw, catch and hit a baseball and much much more!

While this program focuses on player development and the overall understanding of each sport, it also stresses FUN for the entire 50-minute class session! Hi-Five’s ultimate goal is to help each child build strong physical, intellectual and emotional foundations that will help them succeed on and off of the field!

At the start of each class, we will display an animated cartoon with Murphy learning the skills from the previous week. At the conclusion of each class, children will get the chance to demonstrate new skills with the real life MURPHY.

Cost includes jersey, trophy, and ball.

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