Humans and the Environment Memorial Day Camp, May 25

Beaches, forests, and deserts. Oh my! These are all naturally occuring habitats on our planet Earth. They are home to billions of different mammals, insects, amphibians, fish, and more. As humans, we create the majority of the pollution in our atmosphere which not only affects the way we live, but the animals, plant life, and the environment in which we all live in. Bricks 4 Kidz is calling on BOYS and GIRLS to help us restore the environment!

Come join a day filled with LEGO builds based on renewable resources! Learn the science behind each invention and how it makes renewable resources more sustainable. Campers will play games that help them explore the depths of the Oceans and learn how to keep them clean while having tons of fun and winning prizes. Campers will be dazzled by all the facts about the Earth and how we can help it thrive!

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