Spring Break Photo 3-Day Workshop

In this three day intensive curriculum of photo skills, composition and intent, students will choose a special project, style or theme to follow throughout the 3 day workshop. Students learn to compose great photos in a small group setting with any digital camera. Every photo workshop starts with an individualized tour of camera controls with emphasis on lens effect, exposure, manual settings, and framing.

Students build their own still-lifes to create interesting images using varying light, angles, and backgrounds. This process teaches them the importance of isolation and ensures they understand technical settings like macro, white balance, ISO, and exposure compensation.

Throughout the workshop, students review Kathi's library of photo books and comment on the work of important photographers of the past and present and critique their own work.

With good camera techniques in hand and lots of inspiration, the students explore San Francisco to document their surroundings and see their city through a camera lens. Destinations include the Japanese Tea Garden, Chinatown, North Beach, the Ferry Building, Pier 39, Stow Lake, Fort Point, and the Conservatory of Flowers.

All work is reviewed on computer monitors and edited down to a portfolio of best work using Adobe Lightroom. Further edits are done in Photoshop. Favorites are printed and matted to present to family and friends on the last day of the workshop in a show the students create. Students have access to their own on-line digital portfolio of their best work and portraits of themselves!


Day 1 - Camera settings, history, still life & natural light portrait. Various special projects.

Day 2 – Field trip and editing in studio, emphasis on style and project.

Day 3 – Studio portraits, portfolio review, print show for friends and family.