LEGO Bots & Brick Films

Young Engineers will build LEGO® robots while exploring different themes - Amazing Mechanisms and Wild Animals. Students will learn basics of scratch programming through a drag and drop icon-based program. Students will then build LEGO® models featuring motors and sensors, program their models through their own code and explore a series of cross-curricular activities using LEGO® Education’s premier WeDo® LEGO® robotics program. In the afternoon, Students will work in pairs to create their own stop-motion movies with LEGO® bricks, mini figures and props. Each team will shoot and edit their movies using an iPad® provided by us. Teams will explore the fun of moviemaking, from storyboarding to video techniques to post-production, including adding sound effects and music. The completed movies will be emailed to parents so the budding moviemakers will have an opportunity to showcase their creations. Parents will receive a newsletter update on how their young builders are doing and a class magazine with photos of projects.
drop off and pick up information
Camp is held at Trinity Lutheran Church. Pre and Post Care Available for $125/week or $30/day for single day camp. Campers can be dropped off at 8:00 AM and picked up anytime between 3:00 - 6:00 PM. Pack nut-free snacks, lunch and water.

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