Grade 4/5 (2 days per week)

The focus for this level is to allow for the necessary developments of skills that underpin secure technique including core stability, weight placement, turn out and line, while continuing to nurture the students’ awareness of artistry, musicality and dynamics.  Musically inspired exercises and dances to motivate students to acquire a well rounded understanding of ballet and character, to promote joy in movement, and to develop a sense of performance quality.  The music for the syllabi is a glorious collection of three centuries of dance music, including recordings made exclusively for the RAD by the Orchestra of English National Ballet.

*Pre-requisite: Students must have 3-4 years dancing experiences.

Note: In order to encourage our students to fully enjoy their dancing while being challenged appropriately.

Students will be evaluated by our Teachers, and will be placed in the appropriate level accordingly.

RAD Exam and Performances are optional.  However, in order to be considered, children MUST:

Enroll and attend classes twice a week, as well as attend all rehearsals.

Depending on their ability and attendance, Poise Ballet reserves the right to decide whether a student can take part in the RAD Exam, a Class Award, or participate in a performance.

Monthly tuition fee of $280 includes two classes a week. Tuition price excludes $30 non-refundable administration fee and performance fee. 

Required Class Uniform: Burgundy sleeveless scooped neck leotard with matching elasticized belt.  Pink tights and pink ballet shoes. 

Character shirts in black cotton material with braiding and circular in style. Character shoes in black canvas and Cuban heel. Pink elastic should be worn across the arch of the foot. 

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