Science in Motion, California, 6-7

Why can’t we as humans fly?  What does it take to move in the air?  To find out we will become engineers and build electric cars, water rockets, wood airplanes and more.  We will have load of fun racing them and testing to see what make them move faster.  By observing fish and birds we will learn what helps to move efficiently in air and water.  At the Cable Car Museum we will see the cable car’s underground mechanism. At the Railway Museum we will take the driver’s seat of a streetcar.  In Golden Gate Park we will enjoy a smooth ride in a pedal boat.  While driving a streetcar we will measure its speed.  In a clear elevator with exposed cords we will take a fun ride.  With so many great rides you will be ready to think like an engineer and create your own special vehicle of the future!

Note: Lunch meals and AM/PM care are available. Please contact Celsius and Beyond directly to purchase.

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