Cooking Camp - Star Wars Inspired Recipes

With the popularity of the new Star Wars movie and all that came before it, we will be creating recipes that are inspired by the Force.

drop off and pick up information

There will be Early Drop Off care from 9am-10am for $15 and after Camp care from 2pm-3pm for $15.

How to prepare

DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL FOR MORE INFORMATION Day 1- Han Salsa & Chewie's Baked Corn Tortilla Chips, General Grievous Burrito Bowls, Greedo's Guacamole, A Jar Jar of Pickles, Cheesy Clone Scones, Anakin's Apple Crisp, Vanilla Ice Cream for Darth Malt Day 2- Viceroy Vegetable Chili, Amidala Challah, BB-EGG cups, Padme' Pad Thai, Darth Malt Day 3-Boba Fett-uccine, TIE Fighter Ties, Aunt Beru's Biscuits, Kylo Ren's Dark Kale Soup, Finn's Fruity Frozen Yogurt, Skywalker Smoothies Day 4-Han Burgers & Leah's Burger Buns, Poe Dameron Pretzels Dude, Rey of Sun Toast, The Force Fun Fruit Day 5- Jango Fish, Tatooine Tabouli, Obi Wan Ton Chips, Darth Vegan Cheese Dip, BBB-Bossk Broccoli Brownies

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