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Our Favorite Picture Books for Father’s Day

Dad and child read the book Here We Are together

We are all about having less stuff and doing more stuff, until it comes to books, then we want more books!  Why not start a tradition of gifting Dad, Grandpa or a loved caregiver a picture book and reading together on Father’s Day? After all, books are experiences if you read them together, right? We’ve… (read more)

7 Activities to Get Your Kids on the Nice List

Who wants their kids on the nice list this year? Pretty much all of us. While every child has their naughty moments, I’ve generally found more crayon painted walls when the kids have too much free time on their hands. Peace and quiet are a lovely thing to have, until you have children. Sometimes the… (read more)

Volunteering as a Family (and How it Makes the Holidays More Meaningful)

Volunteering as a Family (and How it Makes the Holidays More Meaningful)

The holidays so often become about what presents will be under the tree. For kids, it’s understandable to be excited about what special new toys they might receive. However, there are so many kids and families that cannot enjoy this time of year because of hardships. Many kids don’t realize this and grow up in… (read more)

Navigating the Holiday Season with an Autistic Child

Holidays bring out the cold weather, warm hearts, and an intensely crazy family life. The beautiful festivity’s have fantastic food, great gifts, magical movies, fun games and more. These activities are hallmarks of tradition and fun. Let’s be real — there is already stress. The holiday seasons are enjoyable but often rife with work and… (read more)

Beyond the Gifts: 5 Great Activities to Make Holiday Memories

Holiday Day Camps

There is a definitive shift happening in society, and we love it. That’s because we are moving away from the idea of “stuff” and material goods and toward experiences, activities, and skills building outside of the home. Many families are realizing the extraordinary improvement in their relationships by spending less money on “things” and more… (read more)