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Let’s Play BINGO with Random Acts of Kindness at School

Child's hand with a box of sidewalk chalk

We’re heading back to school with kindness!  Over the summer, throughout many camps, we noticed camp counselors, educators and friends sprinkled the “Be Kind” theme in everywhere.  Random acts of kindness at school and camp have really clicked with our kids.  We love the sparks of self-esteem, friendship and most of all the empathy that… (read more)

10 Kidpreneurs Who Built Successful Businesses

It’s never too early to start a business. While some kids start with a lemonade stand or lawn mowing service, other young entrepreneurs have taken a different path to success. Numerous kidpreneurs are already proving that any age is a good time to start a business like these 10 have done. 1. Ally Mollo: Custard… (read more)

Cultivating Cultural Understanding

The Internet has opened up the world in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. Interacting with those in other parts of the world is as easy as going on a social media site or reading a newsfeed. It’s made many more people aware of other cultures to different degrees. Sadly, that doesn’t automatically equate to… (read more)

Thinking Positively: 10 Ways to Turn That Frown Upside Down

In our daily lives, we are often surrounded by negativity. It’s on the Internet and social media channels. There are bad stories in the news. We run into negative people at work and in life. You may feel like a negativity sponge when positive thoughts are hard to come by. It can often rub off… (read more)