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Easy STEAM Project Inspired by Summer Camp: Nebula Jars

Easy STEAM Project: Nebula Mason Jars

We’re sharing our favorite easy STEAM project, straight outta summer camp: Nebula Jars!  STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) is the hot educational initiative with real-world application that has stuck around and transformed summer camp over the past several years.  Want to try facilitating STEAM activities at home? Don’t be intimidated!

In about 10 minutes you can transform a mason jar, paint, glitter and cotton balls into a sparkly nebula.  This simple, pretty sensory project is perfect for even the littlest learners.

nebula noun, plural neb·u·lae [neb-yuh-lee, -lahy].
Astronomy. Also called diffuse nebula.a cloud of interstellar gas and dust.

For this easy STEAM project you’ll need:

  • Cotton Balls (we used about 200)
  • Glass Jar with a Tight Fitting Lid
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Glitter
  • Water
  • Spoon to Mix Paint & Press Down Cotton Balls

  1. First, pour some water in the jar
  2. Next, squeeze in paint and stir
  3. Then, add cotton balls and sprinkle glitter (don’t hold back on the sparkles).
  4. Add more layers of cotton balls, paint and glitter, pressing the cotton balls down with a spoon until you fill the jar.
  5. Last, screw on the lid and swirl your Nebula.
  6. Finally, celebrate your #ParentingWin & show us your Nebula Jars on Instagram
This easy STEAM project is a fun one to make with Dad for Father’s Day!  If you’re still looking for a Father’s Day gift, check out our Favorite Picture Books for Father’s Day!