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Kid-Friendly Podcasts for Your Next Road Trip

Three Kids in the back of a mini-van with text: Are We There Yet?

“Let’s play the quiet game” Photo: Jaime Gagliardi

School’s out and we are ready to hit the road (ahem) without backseat iPads.  These 5 kid-friendly podcasts will help you connect in the car while your kids disconnect.  Take your adventure from, “Are we there yet?” to “Here we are.”

 1. Wow in the World, Ages 5-12: If your kids have been listening to NPR since they were in-utero, chances are the whole family will love this tech and science podcast hosted by the familiar voices of Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas.  How in the world did 170,000 pound dinosaurs walk around without collapsing under their own weight?  Where in the world does chocolate come from? What in the world is a Sea Pickle? These questions are perfect food for thought, especially for long drives down the coast.

2.  Stories, All Ages: These G-rated retellings of classic stories and fables like The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Pied Piper and The Three Little Pigs are updated with fun songs and good messages.  Stories is ideal for short drives like the ride to summer camp and will spark the imaginations of everyone in the car.

3.  Peace Out, All Ages: Mindfulness & Peace, it’s not just for bedtime!  Tune in to Peace Out anytime the kids need to get mellow.  The imaginative visualizations take kids on a trip to the moon, help them get tuned in to big emotions and breathe themselves calm.  

4.  The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian, Ages 5-13: Headed cross-country?  Then, definitely binge on this light-hearted sci-fi podcast. Kids will love following 8 year old Finn and his interplanetary space explorer friends.  Space facts galore, a great story line and fun music make this podcast addictive.

5.  The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl, All Ages: What’s a road trip without a family sing-along? Enter The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl: Two hours of silly, fun and engaging songs for the whole car.  Excellent tracks from groups like They Might be Giants, Wean and Social Distortion prove there’s really no difference between kid music and grown up music.

Girl in car seat with sunglasses and "Lets Go!" speech bubble


Are you searching for your next family road trip destination?  Why not put these kid-friendly podcasts to work on the way to Armstrong Redwoods State Nature Reserve in Sonoma?

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