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Our Favorite Picture Books for Father’s Day

We are all about having less stuff and doing more stuff, until it comes to books, then we want more books!  Why not start a tradition of gifting Dad, Grandpa or a loved caregiver a picture book and reading together on Father’s Day? After all, books are experiences if you read them together, right? We’ve been reading a whole bunch lately so here’s our list of giftable, sweet, inspiring picture books for Father’s Day this year.

Dad and child read the book Here We Are together


Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers   Here We Are feels like a hug from your dad. It’s a tender guide to living on Planet Earth written by a dad to his newborn baby.   Each page is full of intricate, colorful illustrations that include diverse humans, their landscapes and some big ideas. The message ‘You’re never alone on Earth’ is cleverly delivered in a context of kindness and stewardship.

The Picture Book, Ask Me 

Ask Me by by Suzy Lee and Bernard Waber Have you had one of those parenting moments where you catch yourself happy, present in the moment, answering your curious kid’s questions?  Ask Me is that moment in book form. A dad and his daughter are out for an autumn walk, asking questions and exploring their little world together.  This book captures the importance and beauty of those small, special, ordinary moments.

 The Picture Book, MAPS

Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski  If you’re raising little travelers like we are, Maps is a must-have!  It’s an oversized, illustrated collection of 52 maps, worthy of a place on any map collector’s shelves.  Maps celebrates the world’s geography, cultures, animals and people with charming illustrations and pages packed with fun, unusual facts.  Our kids love snuggling up on the couch with Dad and imagining their next adventure together.

Picture book, LOVE 

Love by Matt de la Peña LOVE has us feeling all the feels.  It’s is a poetic meditation on the presence of love and the unexpected places we may find it.  The rich illustrations include diverse families and characters in happy, ordinary, painful and tender situations that will spark conversations with kids.  Grandparents, parents, teens and little kids will all glean something different from this timely book. It’s one that dads can come back to again and again over the years.  It’s not only a great picture book for Father’s Day but for graduation too!

Picture Book, The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin This cheerful, rhyming book shows kids that we support them on their journey of who they want to become.  With truly magical illustrations of imagined moments and hopeful sentiments, it’s our most gifted of all the picture books for Father’s Day.  We like to give this book to our soon-to-be-dad and new-dad friends.  Any parent just starting to wonder who their kids may turn out to be will identify with the loving, truthful message.

Picture Book, Tell Me a Tattoo Story

Tell Me a Tattoo Story By Alison McGhee, Illustrated by Eliza Wheeler We’ve found a great gift for tatted-up dads and grandpas!  In this sweet story, a dad tells his family history by sharing his tattoo memories with his son.  Why not let your kids in on the stories behind your indelible ink? They’ll love discovering where they fit in.

 Picture Book, My Daddy Rules the World

My Daddy Rules the World: Poems about Dads by Hope Anita Smith This is an especially beautiful collection of poems honoring all kids of dads, told in a child’s voice.  The diverse, torn-paper images depict everyday, heartwarming moments with dad, like learning to ride a bike or snuggling together.  We get a little choked up when we realize how big these seemingly small moments are to kids.


By the way, what are your favorite picture books for Father’s Day?  We always love seeing pics of your family so send us one of you reading together.  Find us on Instagram @get_reso.  You can also Tweet us @getreso.
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