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Reso is the most powerful full-service registration software and payment processor for kids’ classes and camps. We combine intuitive business management tools with beautiful design to allow you to focus on what you do best -- enriching the lives of parents and kids.

The best part -- it’s completely free to list your activities and process payments! No fees for you or your customers.

The Reso Solution

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Simple Online Booking
Create, edit and post your schedules online.
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Customer Management
Manage registrations, store customer profiles, and access custom reports.
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Payment Processing
Collect payments quickly and easily with 24/7 customer online and mobile booking.

How Reso Works

Step 1

Create a business profile and add your deposit account to receive payments.

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Step 2

Add in your class schedule and publish for customers to book online.

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Step 3

Manage customers, bookings, and registrations

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Step 4

Get paid instantly and build your customer relationships

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